Public urged to answer survey on how NHS services can be improved in North Lincolnshire

Published on Mar 14, 2019

People in North Lincolnshire are being encouraged to answer a survey on how local NHS services could be improved in the region in the future.

The NHS Long Term Plan, published in January 2019, outlines how the NHS will improve patient care and health outcomes over the next 10 years. It also requires regional partnerships to develop their own five-year plans which outline what changes are required in their local area to make health and care services better for the people who use them.

The Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership’s Long Term Plan will describe how the Partnership will deliver the requirements of the NHS Long Term Plan in the Humber, Coast and Vale area – Hull and East Yorkshire, North and North East Lincolnshire, Scarborough and Ryedale and the Vale of York.

Local Healthwatch organisations – led by Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire – are undertaking a programme of engagement on the NHS Long Term Plan across the Humber, Coast and Vale area. Their #WhatWouldYouDo campaign runs until the end of April and consists of online surveys and a range of engagement events.

People can share their views on how local NHS services in North Lincolnshire can be improved in future by completing the following surveys:

– For general feedback:
– For feedback on specific conditions (cancer, heart and lung disease, mental health conditions, dementia, learning disability, autism and LTC conditions such as diabetes and arthritis):

Matthew Fawcett, Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire Manager, said: “We know that the NHS only works when people’s voices are heard. This is a once in a generation chance for local people to help decide where this extra money from Government should be spent in our NHS services in the East Riding.

“We want to hear from as many people, groups and communities as possible to ensure the local plans reflect the needs of our population. We want to hear about what works, what doesn’t and how people think local health services should be improved. No matter how big or small the issue, we want to hear about it. Sharing your experience with us is quick and easy – and could make a big difference.”

For more information on #WhatWouldYouDo, please visit

Walk-in cervical screening appointments at Market Hill 8-8

Published on

Missed your last cervical screening?

If you’re registered with the Market Hill 8-8 Practice at the Ironstone Centre in Scunthorpe, you can drop in between 08:30 and 15:00 on Saturday 23rd March for a walk-in smear test appointment.

A smear test only takes 5 minutes and it could save your life.

For more information, call the practice on 01724 292000. 

The Doctor will see you now – Dr Faisel Baig speaks to British Steel Workers

Published on Mar 11, 2019

NHS North Lincolnshire CCG Chair, Dr Faisel Baig, spoke to British Steel workers this morning about key men’s health issues – and gave some important guidance on signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Dr Baig delivered the interactive session to help encourage local people to feel more comfortable about discussing their physical and mental health. He spoke about some of the most commonly-missed (or ignored) symptoms, including:

– Longstanding cough or shortness of breath

– Hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing

– Chest pain, palpitations

– Calf/leg pain

– Vomiting, weight loss, night sweats, abdominal pain/acid, bowel problems

– Urinary symptoms, testicular lumps/pain

Dr Baig hopes that facilitating these kinds of conversations will encourage both men and women to see their GP as soon as possible if they have any worrying symptoms. He said: “It’s very common for men in particular to put off seeing their GP until they get to the point that they are very seriously ill.

“Early diagnosis really does save lives and I hope that everyone who took part in the group session this morning has taken something away about how to spot when something isn’t quite right.”

Dr Baig takes the time to speak to British Steel employees one-to-one at the event
British Steel colleagues said they enjoyed the informal session
The group also talked about the risks of smoking and drinking too much alcohol


New scheme in North Lincolnshire means patients can see a physiotherapist at local GP surgery

Published on Mar 05, 2019

Residents in North Lincolnshire can now see a physiotherapist rather than a GP at a local surgery if they are seeking an appointment for joint or muscle pain.

Appointments with the new First Contact Physio service are available to book for all patients registered with a North Lincolnshire GP practice by contacting their usual surgery.

Around one-in-five people book in to see their doctor with a musculoskeletal problem, and often have to wait for a GP referral to get access to physiotherapy advice for such conditions.

Early evaluations show that patients are getting much speedier access to specialist assessment and advice which is more efficient for patients and frees up GP time to see patients who need a medical diagnosis.

Patients can choose to attend their appointment in a number of locations across the district, including:

– Winterton Medical Practice, Winterton

– Bridge Street Surgery, Brigg

– Barnetby Medical Centre, Barnetby

– Cedar Medical Practice, Scunthorpe

– West Common Lane Teaching Practice, Scunthorpe

– Ancora Medical Practice, Scunthorpe

– Ashby Turn Primary Care Centre, Scunthorpe

– Cambridge Avenue Medical Centre, Scunthorpe

– Trent View Medical Practice, Scunthorpe

– South Axholme Practice, Epworth

Dr Justin Wilkinson, GP & Director of Safecare Network Ltd, which runs the service in North Lincolnshire, said: ‘This is excellent news for patients in North Lincolnshire as it gives them the opportunity to see the right person at the right time. The expertise of physios in these roles means fewer patients will be left waiting for a referral or unnecessary tests such as x-rays.

‘Each appointment with a physiotherapist will vary significantly depending on what the issue may be – it could be as simple as discussing lifestyle changes and signposting someone to local exercise providers or referring for diagnostics and potential surgery.

‘All of this saves time and money for the NHS but more importantly, it allows people to start the right treatment sooner so that they are able to stay in work or resume their day-to-day activities.’

Dr Faisel Baig, local GP and Chair of NHS North Lincolnshire CCG, said: “This is a very positive development for patients in North Lincolnshire. It means that they will have speedier access to physiotherapy services and receive the right care, first time.

“I’d like to thank Safecare for designing and providing this service for our patients.”

1,000 people have their say on plans to develop an Urgent Treatment Centre in North Lincolnshire

Published on Feb 27, 2019

More than 1,000 people have responded to a local NHS survey about urgent care in North Lincolnshire.

Local people were given the opportunity to share their views on plans to change the way urgent healthcare services work in North Lincolnshire.

1,057 people, with a mixture of ages and from a variety of communities and backgrounds, completed the survey. This feedback is now being used to develop a new urgent treatment centre which best meets public needs based on survey evidence.

Mark Williams, Head of Communications and Engagement at NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Firstly, we would like to thank everyone in North Lincolnshire who took the time to get involved and fill in our urgent care survey. It really does make a difference.

“It is pleasing to see the vast majority of the 1,057 responses agree that the development of an urgent treatment centre would help improve services locally. This is of course very quick, initial feedback and a full report on the engagement findings is now being put together. This will be shared with members of the public as soon as possible.

“It is vital we take on your views and, as a result, your helpful information will now feed into the urgent treatment centre’s service specification.”

Mr Williams added: “We have been extremely pro-active with our approach to informing residents about this development and were delighted to build new relationships in the community in the process. We are committed to speaking to as many people as possible and enjoyed visits to local seniors’ forums, mosques, the local youth council, parent groups, the local maternity group, patient participation groups, the local hospital, GP waiting rooms and many more. We also spoke to members of the homeless community as this feedback too is so very important.

“We look forward to sharing our full report, and what we plan to do with that information, with the public in due course.”

In line with national NHS guidance, North Lincolnshire CCG is developing plans for an urgent treatment centre, which will be co-located alongside the Accident and Emergency department at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

The additional, GP-led service will help safeguard A&E services for those that have a genuine emergency need.

The two co-located services will mean that anyone attending the hospital without an emergency need will be seen by the UTC, which will act as a ‘new front door’ to the hospital.

NHS North Lincolnshire CCG will soon publish a report on the findings of the survey. The results will be shared with the CCG’s commissioning team to feed into a service specification for the procurement of the new urgent treatment centre.

New provider for non-emergency patient transport in North Lincolnshire

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A new company will take over the contract for non-emergency patient transport in North Lincolnshire from March 6, 2019.

North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group has awarded the contract to Savoy Ventures Limited. The Kent-based firm will take over from Thames Ambulance Service Limited – which was served notice by the CCG in March.

The non-emergency transport system exists to support people to get to and from hospital when they are too poorly or are otherwise physically unable to manage the journey themselves.

Brian Wren, Chief Executive Officer at Savoy Ventures said: “We have spent 12 years working with a number of clients to develop, we believe, a patient-focused and efficient service. The company has targeted a number of new contracts specifically where we believe we can make a difference and we are delighted to have been awarded the contract for non-emergency patient transport in North Lincolnshire. We are looking forward to working with North Lincolnshire CCG and local stakeholders to ensure we make that difference.”

Any patient with transport already booked for on or after March 6 will automatically have their booking transferred to Savoy Ventures.

There is no need for patients to call the provider to check their bookings. The new service will be contacting patients who already have journeys booked for 6th March onwards to confirm these bookings.

For patients who have healthcare appointments and need to book patient transport, they can do this by calling the service on 0800 1700 808. Calls will be answered by a call handler who will go through a number of questions to assess whether the patient is eligible. Where patients are not eligible, the service will signpost patients to a range of alternative transport solutions.

Jane Ellerton, Head of Strategic Commissioning at North Lincolnshire CCG, said: “We are pleased to have awarded the non-emergency patient transport contract to Savoy Ventures and look forward to working with them.

“Patient transport services are for those who have a medical condition that prevents them from getting to their appointment so it is essential those who really need the service get access to it.

“We engaged thoroughly with our patients ahead of undertaking a detailed procurement process. We are hopeful North Lincolnshire patients will see an improvement in service as a result.” 

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact NHS North Lincolnshire CCG Communications Manager Amy Byard at or call 01652 251 047.

Better record-sharing improves healthcare for North Lincs patients

Published on Feb 25, 2019

Patients across the Humber are benefitting from more joined-up healthcare thanks to the roll-out of a new initiative to share information between NHS providers.

Healthcare professionals can now see up-to-date information about their patients, even if they’ve been treated somewhere else.

That’s because the two main patient record systems used across the region (EMIS Web and SystmOne) are now working together for the first time to share information.

This improves the safety and the quality of care for people accessing a number of services, including out-of-hours GP appointments, community nursing and end-of-life care.

Dr Avinash Pillai, local GP and clinical lead for the project, said: “We are delighted to be the first region in the country to successfully link these two clinical systems.

“This not only improves the standard of care for our patients, but also makes better use of our clinicians’ time.

“It’s the first step towards a wider ambition to provide a fully-joined up digital care record across all health and social care providers.”

Dr Lucy Adcock, Medical Director at Lindsey Lodge Hospice in Scunthorpe, said: “We have many patients that come to us for just one day a week. So, if a patient has had an examination, or been prescribed a new medication by their GP, we’re now able to see that updated record next time they’re with us.

“This is incredibly helpful in a palliative (end-of-life) care setting, as lots of our patients experience memory issues and may not always be able to remember what their GP has recommended.”

Notes to editors

A short film has been produced to illustrate the benefits of the interoperability initiative. This can be viewed on YouTube here.

For more information, please contact Communications Manager Amy Byard at or call 01652 251 047.

Have your say on plans to develop an Urgent Treatment Centre in North Lincolnshire

Published on Jan 09, 2019

Local people are being given the opportunity to share their views on plans to change the way urgent healthcare services work in North Lincolnshire.

In line with national NHS guidance, NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is developing plans for an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC), which will be co-located alongside the Accident and Emergency department at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

The additional, GP-led service will launch at the end of October 2019 and will help safeguard A&E services for those that have a genuine emergency need.

The Urgent Treatment Centre will provide same-day diagnosis and treatment for urgent, but non-life-threatening conditions, such as:

– sprains and strains

– suspected broken bones

– cuts and grazes

– feverish illness in adults and children

– abdominal pain

Between January 9th and February 3rd 2019, North Lincolnshire CCG is gathering views from patients and members of the public to help shape the new service.

Dr Neveen Samuel, Urgent Care Lead for North Lincolnshire CCG, said: “People will walk in the same door they’ve always walked in for A&E, but will be seen by the most appropriate clinical professional for their needs. Patients will be clinically assessed on arrival and directed to either A&E or the UTC, depending on their condition.

Dr Neveen Samuel – GP Lead for Urgent Care

“This will make urgent care services in North Lincolnshire easier for patients to access and should help reduce waiting times for patients.”

Alex Seale, Chief Operating Officer for North Lincolnshire CCG, said: “This is about getting patients to the right place at the right time – freeing up A&E for those who need it most.

“The views of our patients are vitally important to help shape the development of the service.

“We would encourage as many people as possible to fill in the survey and get their thoughts heard.”

The survey can be filled in online here.

Alternatively, to request a paper copy of the survey, please contact Kirsten Spark, Engagement Manager at or call 01652 251067.

Local GP reminds patients to be prepared for Christmas and New Year

Published on Dec 10, 2018

A local GP is urging patients to plan for the changes in opening hours affecting some services during the festive period.

Many GP practices and community pharmacies will have limited opening hours between Christmas and New Year, and are likely to be busier than usual. Patients are therefore advised to pick up their repeat prescriptions and stock up on medicines they will need over this period in plenty of time.

Above: Dr Faisel Baig, local GP and Chair of NHS North Lincolnshire CCG

Scunthorpe GP practice and pharmacy scoop top health awards

Published on Nov 22, 2018

A GP surgery and pharmacy in Scunthorpe have been named as ‘GP Practice of the Year’ and ‘Pharmacy Team of the Year’ at The Lincolnshire Health Awards.

The Birches Medical Practice and Ancora Healthcare Pharmacy were awarded their respective titles at the annual celebration event, which recognises healthcare excellence across Greater Lincolnshire.

Winners: Darryl and Elaine Southern of The Birches Medical Practice

The awards were held in partnership with Lincolnshire’s NHS on November 20 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Lincoln.

The coveted GP Practice of the Year Award recognises a team that has had the largest positive impact on improving patient care in their GP practice.

Judges praised The Birches for its efforts to help homeless people in the town centre of Scunthorpe. The practice has started opening up the shower facilities between 10am and 12pm on weekdays under the supervision of its practice chaplain.

The practice provides shower gel, a toothbrush and a new pair of socks – there are also towels that have been donated by a local charity. The practice then looks to register them if they do not have a GP.

Darryl Southern, Practice Manager at The Birches Medical Practice, said: “We are absolutely delighted to take away this prestigious award. To be named as GP Practice of the Year across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire is a dream come true, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our wonderful team at The Birches.”

Geoff Day, Director of Primary Care at NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “We were thrilled that two of our GP practices were shortlisted for Practice of the Year. The Birches winning the award is the icing on the cake and we are extremely proud of the vital work they are doing to support the homeless community in Scunthorpe.

“The Awards are a fantastic way of recognising the very best in our local NHS and we are pleased to be a part of it.”

Ancora Healthcare pharmacy in Ashby was praised for its work with vulnerable groups, including the implementation of its needle exchange programme and supervised consumption of medication.

Scunthorpe’s Trent View Medical Practice was shortlisted in the GP Practice of the Year category and was recognised for its efforts to improve end-of-life care for local people.