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Dr Satpal Shekhawat – It’s time to turn focus on our mental health

Published on Jun 01, 2020

Health is defined as physical, mental and social well-being of an individual.

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, lots has been spoken about physical and social well-being but it’s time to turn our focus on our mental well-being.

As this crisis unfolds world over and we face the consequences of the loss of lives, social isolation and economic downturn we can clearly see an impact on our mental health. Anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances are some of the commonest symptoms experienced by a lot of us in this period.

To improve your mental health you can try some of these steps-

  1. Self-care- It is very important to maintain a routine, even if you are not going to work. Where possible have a routine of getting up and going to sleep, eat healthy, drink lot of fluids to maintain your hydration and exercise when you safely can.
  2. Support network- Establish a support system within your friends and family members, with whom you can share your worries, frustrations and positive news. This is very important and can be achieved by use of face to face conversation with social distancing, telephone, social media or virtual meeting platforms.
  3. Distraction techniques – Social media can be full of negative information, which adds to our anxieties, so it is good to minimise these activities. It is very helpful to write your emotions and feelings down or get engaged in hobbies like gardening, cooking, painting or crafts.
  4. Kindness- It is most important to be kind to yourself and others in these challenging times. Ensure you are not harsh on yourself, if you feel like not doing anything, which is fine too, as we all need a break to recover. If you see anyone struggling with their well-being then help and support them.
  5. Professional help- There are charities like MIND and SAMARITANS offering support to all of us as required. It is very useful to seek help from your GP as they have a wide array of measures to help you and seeking help early is always beneficial. Your GP and local mental health team are working very closely to provide the essential support for your mental well-being.

We are here to help you and please don’t hesitate in approaching us when you need us.


Take care and best wishes.

Dr Satpal Singh Shekhawat

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