The Doctor will see you now – Dr Faisel Baig speaks to British Steel Workers

Published on Mar 11, 2019

NHS North Lincolnshire CCG Chair, Dr Faisel Baig, spoke to British Steel workers this morning about key men’s health issues – and gave some important guidance on signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Dr Baig delivered the interactive session to help encourage local people to feel more comfortable about discussing their physical and mental health. He spoke about some of the most commonly-missed (or ignored) symptoms, including:

– Longstanding cough or shortness of breath

– Hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing

– Chest pain, palpitations

– Calf/leg pain

– Vomiting, weight loss, night sweats, abdominal pain/acid, bowel problems

– Urinary symptoms, testicular lumps/pain

Dr Baig hopes that facilitating these kinds of conversations will encourage both men and women to see their GP as soon as possible if they have any worrying symptoms. He said: “It’s very common for men in particular to put off seeing their GP until they get to the point that they are very seriously ill.

“Early diagnosis really does save lives and I hope that everyone who took part in the group session this morning has taken something away about how to spot when something isn’t quite right.”

Dr Baig takes the time to speak to British Steel employees one-to-one at the event
British Steel colleagues said they enjoyed the informal session
The group also talked about the risks of smoking and drinking too much alcohol


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