Current opportunities to tell us what you think

A range of active surveys and health consultations are featured here that are seeking views from people like you.

They are your chance to have your say on health issues important to you and to help shape the healthcare services and policies of the future.

What Matters to You, Matters to Us

Help us to shape the future of your healthcare services

Across the Humber, the NHS and local partners are looking at ways to improve healthcare in our region and we want your input to help us make the best changes for you and your family.

The Humber Acute Services programme is looking at how to make healthcare work better for local people. It is looking at the types of healthcare and treatments that people typically receive from one of our five main hospitals in the region:

  • Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby
  • Scunthorpe General Hospital
  • Hull Royal Infirmary
  • Castle Hill Hospital
  • Goole and District Hospital

We are thinking about how these services could be provided differently in the future, whether in hospitals or GP surgeries, at home or on the high street.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey to help us understand what is most important to you as we work to plan for the future.

You can find out more about why we need to make changes and keep up to date on the work of the Humber Acute Services programme on the website:


Citizen’s Panel

North Lincolnshire CCG also supports people from North Lincolnshire to be involved in the Citizen’s Panel for the Humber Acute Services Review.  The Citizen’s Panel listen to information about the challenges facing our local health system and provide a community perspective on proposals for change.

The Panel will be involved in developing and reviewing possible solutions to these challenges. They are asked for ideas about how we can engage with the wider community to obtain their views about these proposals.  The views and ideas put forward by the Citizen’s Panel will be considered by the decision makers.

Members of the Citizen’s Panel are supported by their local Clinical Commissioning Group Engagement Team in their role and will have opportunities throughout the process to discuss any concerns or needs.

You can read the report from one of their meetings here

For more information about the Humber Acute Services Review, or to find out more about the events please visit:

Supporting you to be involved

We recognise that patient and community representatives who give their time and skills to work with us should receive fulfilment from their role, developmental opportunities and respect for the contribution they make.  We highly value their contribution and the difference it can make for service users and improvement in health services.

We provide robust training for our patient and community representatives. We currently have patient and public representatives getting involved and supporting our work in different ways:

  • Lay members on our Governing Body
  • Procurement – When commencing a procurement process it is essential that patient representatives are involved to ensure that the patient voice is central to any decisions. One of our community members was recently supported to take part in the procurement panel for a new Integrated Muscoskeletal and Pain Service, from evaluation through to consensus meetings.
  • As a member of our Patient and Community Assurance Group
  • As North Lincolnshire members of the Citizen’s Panel for Humber Acute Services Review

Our Communications and Engagement Team are responsible for supporting patient and community representatives.  This support includes:

  • providing timely and clear information on each activity (including hard copy information as requested) including instructions as to what preparation may be required and what will be expected from them during the activity
  • offering training sessions and updates on changes to how the NHS works and how local services are provided
  • helping and supporting representatives as they carry out activities
  • advising on how to deal with any difficulties and providing guidance with situations that are new
  • providing correct and up to date information, sent in an agreed way and format (such as email or post)
  • treating the community representative as a full member of any committee/ meeting
  • holding meetings or events at an accessible venue at an appropriate and convenient time, regularly reviewing these arrangements with group members to ensure suitability

If you would like to get involved, please contact our Engagement Team on 01652 251067 for a chat.