Patient and Community Assurance Group (PCAG)

NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has appointed local people to join its Patient and Community Assurance Group (PCAG) to help make a real difference to the way local NHS services are developed and improved.

Local health, care and voluntary and community organisations are working closely together to tackle some of the big issues currently facing the NHS in order to ensure safe and quality services remain affordable so they can continue to provide them for future generations. This in turn provides assurance to the CCG Governing Body about the difference our public involvement has made.

Although the group is now up and running, we are still looking for additional community members to join and would particularly welcome interest from people from diverse backgrounds.

“Making sure local people are fully aware of and understand what is happening with their NHS services is very important to us,” explained Kirsten Spark, CCG Engagement Manager.

“The PCAG serves as an independent group that works with us to make sure we take every opportunity to really involve patients and members of the public in our plans and decisions.

The NHS is facing a number of challenges so there is no better time to get involved and I would encourage anyone with a real interest in health to consider taking up this opportunity.

If you wish to join our Patient and Community Assurance Group, you can download an expression of interest form here and send it to us.  You can also ring us for more information by calling 01652 251000 and ask to speak to a member of the Communications and Engagement team.

Our PCAG members are supported in their role with training in the following topics:

  • The NHS past and present
  • The role of the Clinical Commissioning Group
  • The role of the NLCCG Patient and Community Assurance Group
  • Quality and Patient Experience
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • The legal duty to engage
  • Good practice in engaging with patients and the public

This is an example of training on Equality and Diversity that was delivered to the group by the Equality and Diversity Lead at our acute service provider NLaG.

Terms of reference explain the purpose of a formal meeting. You can read the terms of reference for PCAG here.

The minutes (meeting notes) of our PCAG meetings can be viewed here:

PCAG Minutes 17th April 2018

PCAG Minutes 15th May 2018

PCAG Minutes 17th July 2018

PCAG Minutes 18th September 2018

PCAG Minutes 20th November 2018

For more information, or for an informal discussion, please contact:

Kirsten Spark, CCG Engagement Manager:

Janice Keilthy, NHS North Lincolnshire CCG Lay Member: