Embrace – real people, real opinions

Join our growing public membership with Embrace

Embrace is a network of local people who share their views and experiences of health services with us through surveys, focus groups meetings and events.

Real people, real opinions

We want to continue to expand our network of patients, carers and the wider public so that we can listen to the views of people from all the different communities across North Lincolnshire.  You need to live in North Lincolnshire, or be registered with one of our GP practices to get involved and help shape local health services.  You will receive regular updates and information, and be asked for your views and opinions on local health services through local engagement or consultation events.

We also invite Embrace members to take part in projects that may be of particular personal interest to them.

Your opinions will be used to help improve healthcare throughout North Lincolnshire. How much you Embrace the network is up to you.

By getting involved, you can help us improve the healthcare services that you use.

Sign up today

It’s easy to sign up to become an Embrace member, and there are three different ways you can do so.

  • Register online by clicking here.
  • Download the Embrace registration form, complete and send it via freepost. Just write ‘FREEPOST NLCCG’ on the envelope and post – there is no need to write anything else on the envelope
  • Scan the completed registration form and email it to 

The form asks you what healthcare topics interest you and you can let us know if you need us to provide information in a particular format to meet your needs (for example large print).

For further information about how to get involved and to give us your opinion on local healthcare services, contact our Engagement Manager, Kirsten Spark, at kirsten.spark@nhs.net or call us on 01652 251000 and ask for our Engagement or Communications Manager.



What is the Embrace network?

NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group wants to ensure that local communities get involved with the work we do and help us make decisions that mean we can improve the health and wellbeing of all the people we serve.

The aim of the Embrace network is to engage with the wider public so that we can listen to the views of people from the diverse communities across North Lincolnshire.  We will use these views to help develop services to meet the needs of our local population.

By getting involved, local people can help us improve the healthcare services that they use.


Who can join Embrace?

People signing up to join Embrace need to:

  • Live in North Lincolnshire, or
  • be registered with one of our GP practices.


You don’t need to be ‘online’ to be a member of Embrace.  We are happy to share information via email or the post, and members can let us know which suits them best.  Embrace can be contacted by post by writing FREEPOST NLCCG on the envelope, or by telephoning our Communication and Engagement Team on 01652 251000.


What can I expect from Embrace?

Members of Embrace:

  • Will receive regular updates and information about topics that interest them
  • Will be invited to share their views and opinions on local health services through engagement or consultation events and surveys
  • Can choose to hear about the involvement opportunities offered by our partners, such as NHS England or North Lincolnshire Council
  • May be invited to take part in projects on topics they have indicated may be of interest to them e.g. dementia
  • Can choose how much they want to be involved
  • Can contact the CCG through our Embrace email inbox, to share experiences of local services
  • Will receive our Embrace newsletter and bulletins directl
  • Can let us know if we need to provide information in a particular format e.g. large print


What doesn’t membership of Embrace do?

  • We will not share any of your personal details with other members or organisations. In accordance with UK Data Protection legislation, members contact details will be kept secure, treated confidentially and only used for the purposes of developing and maintaining our public engagement
  • Whilst sharing views and opinions is an important part of being an Embrace member, if a member of Embrace wishes to make a formal complaint about a service the Communication and Engagement Team will not be able to investigate or pursue this on the member’s behalf. In such instances, Embrace members will be signposted to the most appropriate contact such as the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).


What happens next?

Once you have sent us the form, we will add your details to our database and you will receive the next available communication from us.

If at any time you decide you no longer want to be a member of Embrace, you can click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any of our newsletters, or email us at nlccg.embrace@nhs.net

We look forward to welcoming you as an Embrace member.