Apps to help you manage your health

Humber Health Apps – What is it?

Health Apps are a great opportunity for us to not only make better health decisions to stay fit, both physically and mentally and prevent illness, but they also help us to live healthier lives and improve our quality of life.

Humber Health Apps is a new, FREE to use comparison website where you can search for the right app for a specific condition or a more generic app to help you lose weight, track your fitness, monitor your pregnancy and much more.

The difference with Humber Health Apps is that all the apps featured are NHS approved clinically accredited apps. You can see at a glance how an app performs against three main criteria: user experience; clinical assurance (how well it works) and data privacy (because we know how important confidentiality is to you). This gives you the confidence to know you’re choosing the right app for you.

Benefits of using apps

There are many more benefits of adopting the health apps culture:

  • You can feel more in control of your health by having some basic knowledge and confidence to safely diagnose and treat many common medical problems yourself.
  • Health apps can help to reduce anxiety as you feel more empowered to manage certain health symptoms and become confident in knowing when it’s best to seek medical help.
  • For those of you with a long-term condition you can better manager your condition, recognise when your condition is worsening and know what to do.
  • Finally, being able to self-diagnose and self-care appropriately, you can often save yourself time in not having to see your GP or other healthcare professionals.

Visit the Humber Health App Finder website (external link)