Social Prescribing in North Lincolnshire

Social prescribing is when residents are linked to local community groups and services to enable them to develop skills and confidence to improve their self care and tackle the social causes of ill health and wellbeing.

Who is social prescribing for?

The service is for all adults (18+) who are North Lincolnshire residents in need of information, advice and support to cope with every day life. Social prescribing focuses on:

  • Supporting people to cope with their long-term conditions; or those of someone they may care for; increasing independence to enable and empower people to self-manage their own health and wellbeing
  • Reducing social isolation; supporting those who are feeling lonely and looking for social opportunities to get more involved in the community
  • Signposting people with social, emotional or practical needs to a range of local services, often provided by the voluntary and community sector
  • Promoting an holistic approach to health and wellbeing by focusing on the wider determinants of health and supporting people to access relevant services e.g. housing, welfare advice and employment programmes, as well as health promotion services such as smoking cessation and physical activity.

How do I access social prescribing?

Speak to your GP practice staff who will be able to directly refer you to a link worker.

Social prescribing case studies

Case study 1 – Donna*

Donna* was referred to a social prescribing link worker to access the help she needed to support her health and wellbeing. Donna disclosed that she was finding it increasingly difficult to manage jobs around her home and garden, and was struggling to pay the extra costs for heating her home in the winter. She received a basic pension, so she couldn’t afford to pay for help. This situation led to feelings of anxiety. The social prescribing link worker understood that Donna’s decreasing mobility might make her eligible for ‘attendance allowance’. She arranged for Donna to receive a large print attendance allowance form for Donna to complete. Within a few weeks Donna received a letter to say that her application had been successful. A few days later she received a letter to say that because she was receiving attendance allowance, her pension credit had also been increased.

Donna said: “It was very useful to have been referred to the social prescribing service, as I knew I could ring and ask my link worker for help if I needed it. Since receiving the attendance allowance and extra pension, a burden has been lifted from me. I can have hot baths and the heating on without having to worry. I’ve also been able to buy some aids to help me around my home and I am looking into getting someone to help me with my cleaning and gardening.”

*names have been changed for confidentiality