Community Wellbeing Hubs

Who can use the service?

Vulnerable adults over 18 (may have LD or MH issues, could be an older person requiring support)

Some post 16 transition support

What problems can the service help with?

  • Social isolation
  • Basic life skills
  • Transport to community activities
  • Chair based exercise
  • Responder service 8-8 (Mon-Sun). Responding to pendant alarms

What problems can’t the service help with?

  • Debt management
  • Higher level benefits advice

What can people expect when they contact the service?

An initial telephone conversation and low level assessment

Hubs happy to contact people whose details have been passed to them via practices (with their consent)

Will the person incur any cost when using the service?

No cost for standard activities

Cost for meals

Where does the person attend?

Commuity wellbeing hubs:

  • Scunthorpe,
  • Brigg and Broughton
  • Barton and Winterton
  • Epworth and Crowle

When can they attend? (opening hours)

Mon-Fri 8.30-5

How do they access the service? E.g drop in, phone?

Drop in ortelephone

Does the service require a formal referral or can the person self-refer?

Self referral for Commuity wellbeing hubs

The responder service requires a formal referral

Is there a telephone number or website for the service?