Primary Care Networks in North Lincolnshire

In line with national guidance, all North Lincolnshire GP practices are now part of a primary care network (PCN). These networks are set to improve access, availability and quality of primary care services.

There are four primary care networks in North Lincolnshire:

1. East Care Network – Clinical Lead: Dr Salim Modan

  • The Killingholme Surgery
  • Riverside Surgery
  • Trent View
  • West Town Surgery
  • Barnetby Medical Centre

2. South Care Network – Clinical Lead: Dr Jane Widders and Dr Tehmina Mubarika

  • Ancora Medical Practice
  • Cambridge Avenue Medical Centre
  • Ashby Turn Primary Care Partners
  • Cedar Medical Practice
  • West Common Lane
  • The Kirton Lindsey and Scotter Surgery

3. West Care Network – Clinical Lead: Dr Pratik Basu and Dr Gary Armstrong

  • Church Lane Medical Centre
  • The Oak Tree Medical Practice
  • South Axholme Practice
  • The Birches Medical Practice
  • The Oswald Road Medical Practice

4. North Care Network – Dr Rebecca Hector and Dr Christina Gregory

  • Central Surgery Barton
  • Winterton Medical Practice
  • Bridge Street Surgery

A key feature of practices coming together as part of a primary care network means that every patient registered at those practices will now be able to access appointments early in the morning, later in the evening, as well as making use of those practices that open at weekends. It doesn’t mean that every single practice will open earlier and close later, it means that a number of practices within each network will be able to offer these appointments to all patients across the network.

Watch a short animation below to find out more about the development of primary care networks nationally.