Our strategic aims

In early 2019, we developed a strategy to guide how we plan and deliver healthcare services for people living in North Lincolnshire over the next five years.

We want to enable good health, keep people out of hospital where needs can be met in the community, support children and families to live independently and ensure mental health is given the same priority as physical health.

Through implementing these changes, we will create a healthier, more sustainable future for North Lincolnshire.

Our Strategy details what our ambitions are for the next five years and how we intend to achieve them for our population. The summary document is available to read here.


Health and Care Integration Plan

We have worked alongside North Lincolnshire Council to produce a joint Health and Care Integration Plan.

This five year plan shows how we intend to focus on transforming the lives of the people of North Lincolnshire through developing an integrated health and social care system that empowers our local population.

This is available to view and download here.