Our constitution

The mission statement of NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is:

To achieve the best health and well-being that is possible, for the residents of North Lincolnshire, within the resources available to the CCG.

The values that lie at the heart of the CCG’s work are to:

  • Preserve and uphold the values set out in the NHS Constitution
  • Treat colleagues, patients, and carers, with dignity and respect
  • Value the input of patients and their carers into the design and delivery of services we commission
  • Value individuality and diversity and promote equality of access to services based on need
  • Work with all our partners for the benefit of North Lincolnshire residents
  • Encourage innovation and promote “a can-do attitude” by all, to solve health challenges

The aims of North Lincolnshire CCG are to:

  • Continue to improve the quality of services
Reduce unwarranted variations in services
  • Deliver the best outcomes for every patient
  • Improve patient experience
  • Reduce the inequalities gap in North Lincolnshire

This constitution formally sets out in the Department of Health’s prescribed manner the responsibilities of North Lincolnshire CCG in commissioning care for its patients. It describes our governing principles, rules and procedures that we have established to ensure probity and accountability in the day to day running of our organisation. We will ensure that decisions are taken in an open and transparent way and that the interests of patients and the public remain central to our goals.