Community Pharmacy

Service Name:

Community Pharmacy

Description of Service:

Everyone can go to their pharmacy for free advice or to buy medicines for minor illnesses, however there is a Minor Ailments scheme operating within NorthLincolnshire for anyone who does not pay for their prescriptions.The pharmacy team will be able to give advice and medicines free of charge for certain conditions without the need to see a doctor

You can use the Minor Ailment scheme if you answer yes to all these points:

  • You are registered with a local GP.
  • You don’t pay for your prescriptions.
  • You are suffering from one of theconditions listed below.

What problems can the service help with?

The following is a list of common minor ailments that Community Pharmacy can deal with under the Minor Ailment scheme. The pharmacy team will provide appropriate free medications for those eligible for free NHS prescriptions. Those not eligible for free prescriptions can still buy medications over the counter/receive advice from the pharmacy team.

Acne Hay fever (over 2 years)
Athlete’s Foot (exclude diabetic) Head Lice (over 6 months)
Cold Sores (exclude pregnant) Indigestion/Heartburn/Tummy Upset/Vomiting (over 12 years)
Conjunctivitis (antibiotics drops over 2 years only) Insect bites and stings (over 1 month)
Cough (over 1 year)/Cold/Flu/High Temperature Mouth Ulcers
Prevention of fever after vaccination (over 2 months) Mouth or gum swelling (exclude pregnant)
Constipation (adults only) Nasal Congestion
Cystitis in adult females (over 16 and under 50 years if had for less than 2 days) (exclude if pregnant or breastfeeding) Nappy Rash
Dandruff (exclude pregnant) Pain
Diarrhoea (over 1 year) Sore Throat
Dry Eyes (over 10 years) Teething (3-36 months)
Eczema, Dry or Itchy Skin Threadworms(over 2 years, exclude pregnant or breastfeeding)
Ear Wax Thrush (oral over 4 months, exclude pregnant or breastfeeding)
Haemorrhoids (Piles) (over 18 years, exclude pregnant) Warts and Verrucae

What problems can’t the service help with?

  • Conjunctivitis in under 2s
  • Athletes foot if diabetic
  • People who are immuno comprimised
  • Some conditions that have already been initially treated in primary care (i.e well developed acne)

What can people expect when they contact the service?

  • Consultation with a pharmacist
  • Promotion of self care/advice
  • E-record of consultation sent to person’s GP

Will the person incur any cost when using the service?

No cost for the minor ailments service

Where does the person attend?

Local Pharmacy – all 36 local pharmacies in North Lincolnshiretake part in the minor ailments scheme

When can they attend? (opening hours)

Patients should check opening times with their local pharmacy

How do they access the service? E.g drop in, phone?

Drop in.

Does the service require a formal referral or can the person self-refer?

Self referral.

Is there a telephone number or website for the service?

You can find your nearest pharmacy by entering your postcode here.

There is more information about the Minor Ailments Scheme on the LPC website