Mental health support – Children and Young People

For children or their families who want help to manage their mental wellbeing, there are lots of websites that provide information and support to young people and families. The links below provide details of a range of different sites and resources.

#DontDoItAlone campaign for children and young people’s mental health

As a part of Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, Kooth launched their #DontDoItAlone campaign, designed to encourage open conversations around mental health so children and young people know they are not alone with their struggles. The campaign is specifically aimed at young people, with some of the biggest stars on social media in their new video.

Visit to watch the video, and for an overview of the campaign. You can also download bespoke materials for schools and practices in your area.

Young Minds

Young Minds provides support and advice to children and young people about a variety of mental health issues.

Other information, advice, resources and apps are available through:

CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)

CAMHS provides mental health assessment, therapy and interventions for young people experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties to help them gain an understanding of their difficulties and to find ways to manage, improve, and reduce the impact of their difficulties in their everyday lives. The mental health conditions they will see are:

  • Anxiety disorders, depression/low mood
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm / suicidal thoughts

You can self-refer into the camhs service, or get advice through e-clinics which are available via the app. all you have to do is download the free RDaSH eClinic (CAMHS) app from Apple or Google Play. The instant messaging app enables you to schedule an online e-clinic appointment worker, where they can have a ‘live’ chat about any mental health problems they are having.

To learn more about CAMHS in North Lincolnshire, read more here:

To find out how to get an appointment with CAMHS, visit:

Need help getting advice, visit:

North Lincolnshire CAMHS online referral form:

Professionals can also refer into the service using the link to the CAMHS E-referral form.

RDaSH eClinic (CAMHS) app

Young people in North Lincolnshire struggling with their emotional well-being can get personal, confidential advice from a health professional via their smartphone or computer. If they are aged 11 to 18, all they have to do is download the free RDaSH eClinic (CAMHS) app from Apple or Google Play and register their details.

The instant messaging app enables them to schedule an online e-clinic appointment with a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) worker, where they can have a ‘live’ chat about any mental health problems they are having.

Click here to read more.

RDaSH Parent Plus eClinic app

The Parent Plus eClinic app is an instant messaging drop-in clinic for parents & carers with children in the North Lincolnshire area wanting advice around young people aged 0-19 years. The app enables parents and carers to pre-book a confidential chat with a health professionals when they need advice around their child’s physical and emotional health needs via their mobile device. The app can be downloaded free of charge to a smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

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