North Lincolnshire continues to make good progress with COVID-19 vaccinations

Published on Jan 06, 2021

Health and care staff across North Lincolnshire continue to make good progress with vaccinating the most vulnerable people in our region against COVID-19.  

A high number of over 80s, care home residents, care home staff and frontline NHS workers have either been vaccinated, or will be in the coming days and weeks.

The NHS is working extremely hard to roll out these vaccines as quickly, and as safely as possible.

Local GP and Medical Director for NHS North Lincolnshire CCG, Dr Satpal Shekhawat said:

“Being able to deliver this vaccine to the most vulnerable people in our communities is a huge milestone in what has been a very difficult year.

“I would just like to thank all staff who have been working relentlessly behind the scenes to put these vaccination plans in place.”

“The AstraZeneca vaccine has advantages which will make it easier for us to reach patients. It can be stored in a fridge, as opposed to the Pfizer vaccine needing to be at -70C, and can be used over the course of weeks, as opposed to three and a half days.

“As we don’t need to use all of the vaccines from a batch in one go, this makes it easier to take to smaller care homes and housebound people. We don’t have to be conscious about wasting the vaccines. The fact that there’s more supply also means that the rollout can proceed more quickly.”

“The first few weeks of the programme have gone very well, they’ve been a great success whichever way you look at it. The response from patients has been very good, hardly anyone has declined to have the vaccination. A lot of the work so far has had to take place over Bank Holidays and the festive period, so with those out of the way we can press on with people getting immunised.”

“It is important to stress that no one will be excluded from the vaccination programme. Please be patient. This will take months and will not all happen in a few days.

“You don’t need to do anything at present. When it is your turn to be vaccinated you will receive an invitation from your GP.

“People are being prioritised by the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation and the NHS will be in contact with you in due course.”

Thanks to The Birches Medical Practice, Market Hill Centre, Riverside Surgery and Cedar Medical Practice for these pictures.

While we continue to vaccinate, we urge you to please stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.
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