Prevention is better than cure – Dr Satpal Shekhawat

Published on May 13, 2020

North Lincolnshire CCG Medical Director Dr Satpal Shekhawat has penned his latest advice to residents.


“Coronavirus guidance from the Government has changed and that may have led to some confusion amongst all of us.

It is not surprising to feel anxious and confused as we embark on slowly easing off the lockdown and leaving our households, which have been our place of safety for many weeks. The opening of schools will bring another wave of concern for parents, as it is but natural to worry about the safety of your children.

So how do we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe?

The answer lies in what Desiderius Erasmus said centuries ago, “Prevention is better than cure”. In the current world of contradicting guidelines and ever changing policies this message is easy to apply to any walk of life and it will help in saving lives.


My appeal to all of you is to abide by this principle and do what is necessary to minimise your contact with other members of public where possible, maintain hygiene by regular hand washing and using facial coverings in public places.

These simple steps will help in reducing your contact with the virus and thus keep yourself and your families safe.

If you top this up with reducing non-essential visits, teaching hygiene principles and social distancing to your children, then the prevention measures will become even more effective.

In my opinion these steps are necessary for all of us to follow and if we all work together then our entire community will benefit.

Take care.”

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