Non-clinical policies

Following approval at the ICB Board and Quality Committee in July 2022, please note all policies review dates were extended to March 2023.

The full suite of ICB policies will apply to new starters/those who started new roles with the ICB post 30th June 2022.

For previous CCG staff who transferred into the ICB, their CCG contractual policies will continue to be applied to them under TUPE regulations. Click here  for a table which details whether the ICB or Place policy should be applied to these staff.

ICB policies are available here: Documents and Publications – Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)


Please find below a table featuring the policies and documents covering the non clinical areas of the CCG. Also provided are the Equality Impact Analysis (EIA), the Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) documents and also the Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) documents for the policies.

Finance policies are provided in a separate table below.

PolicyPolicy DownloadEIA & SIA Documents
28-day Prescribing PolicyPolicy
Absence Management PolicyPolicy
Acceptable Computer Use PolicyPolicy
Business Conduct PolicyPolicy
Claims Management PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Code of ConfidentialityDocument
Confidentiality Audit PolicyPolicy
Email Use PolicyPolicy
Ethical Commissioning PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Incident Policy and Standard Operating ProcedurePolicyEIASIA
Information Security PolicyPolicy
Integrated Impact Assessment PolicyPolicyEIA
Maternity, Maternity Support (Paternity), Adoption and Parental Leave PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Social Media & Acceptable Use PolicyDocument
Pandemic Flu PlanDocument
Prevent PolicyPolicy
Data Protection Impact Assessment Document
Professional Registration PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Records Management PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Recruiting Ex-Offenders PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Remote Access and Home Working PolicyPolicyEIASIA
Statutory Mandatory Training FrameworkPolicy
Mobile Working PolicyPolicy
Working with the Pharmaceutical IndustryPolicy
Data Protection By Design Default Process Document
Heatwave Plan 2020Document
IR35 PolicyPolicy
Equality & Inclusion PolicyPolicy
ID Badge Policy/ProcedurePolicy
Starting Salaries and Reckonable Service PolicyPolicy